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Monday, February 03, 2020 09:49 | Ron Lipps (Administrator)

Randy Gulley has been watching a number of bills going through the statehouse in the past couple of weeks. Below is a list of bills that dead as of January 29:


The following bills have reached their benchmark time lines and are now dead on the House side:

HB1012  Repeal of housing restriction on local government

HB1019  Special death benefit for police and firefighters

HB1030  Membership in the 1977 fund

HB1062  Safety belt and child restraint systems

HB1127  Local regulation of fireworks

HB1184  Public safety officer benefits

HB1193  Marion County Fire consolidation

HB1202  Fire and emergency medical services levies

HB1273  Carrying firearms on school property

HB1292  Township trustees and board members

HB1295  Fire & Building Safety Matters, (CO alarms & arc fault circuit interrupters)

HB1302  Fire protection territories

HB1324  Ordinance enforcement

HB1358  Residency of public safety officers

There are many more, this is a short list of those that the fire service may of had an interest.  Randy


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