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Fire inspectors association of indiana


  • Monday, January 24, 2022 08:13 | Ronald Lipps (Administrator)

    Part-Time Loss Control Inspector
    Indiana University
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    We would like to invite you to visit the Indiana University careers site and initiate your application process.

    Directions on how to apply:
    1. Non-IU employees should click on the first link below to access the careers site; current IU employees should click on the second link below.
    2. Review the job description and then click on "Apply for Job" to begin your application.
    3. Non-IU employees will need to sign in to access your account. If you do not already have an account, click on "Register Now" to create an account. Current IU employees will be recognized through CAS Authorization.
    4. Complete the application process.

    If you are NOT an IU employee currently, please use the following link:

    Current IU employees should use this link:

    DISCLAIMER: Any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the sender and do not necessarily represent those of Indiana University.

  • Monday, October 18, 2021 13:21 | Ronald Lipps (Administrator)


    Job Summary

    Primary function will be performing building inspections. The position will also conduct training classes for students, faculty, and staff on fire prevention matters. Will be required to respond to fire emergencies on IUPUI campus to provide support to local emergency crews. Will review construction documents. May supervise Fire Code inspectors as required. May be required to travel to other campuses to provide support to other Loss Control Inspectors.

    Required Qualifications

    Bachelor's degree in a fire/safety program or a related field and two years of experience in fire code inspection/enforcement and/or fire safety. Fire safety experience could include experience as a firefighter.

    Indiana Certified Fire Inspector I/II or equivalent.

    Combinations of education and related experience will be considered.

    Possess a valid driver’s license with the ability to be insured by Indiana University.

    Knowledge of and ability to clearly communicate the requirements of NFPA Codes and Standards, Factory Mutual Standards, applicable to the campus, state codes and local codes and ordinances. Ability to effectively present information to large groups and to a widely diverse population. Ability to project a positive, professional image of both the individual and the institution. Effective communication skills. Demonstrated interpersonal skills. Ability to proficiently use Windows-based programs.

    Work Location Indianapolis, Indiana (IUPUI)

    Web site for full description and to apply.

    Rodney Johnson Loss Control Manager

    Indiana University (IUPUI)

  • Tuesday, August 10, 2021 14:46 | Ronald Lipps (Administrator)

    The powerpoint presentation from last week's Fire Inspector Basics webinar is now available. 

    CLICK HERE to download the presentation. 

  • Thursday, August 05, 2021 07:01 | Ronald Lipps (Administrator)

    To provide Secretary Stites with better access to receiving US Mail, as well as improving our options when sending items to members, FIAI has a new mailing address. Please update our address to:

    1101 Cumberland Crossing Dr. # 163 Valparaiso, IN 46383

  • Wednesday, August 04, 2021 07:42 | Ronald Lipps (Administrator)

    The Vernon Township Fire Department provides fire and emergency services to the Vernon Township Fire Protection Territory which includes the Town of Fortville, Town of McCordsville and unincorporated areas of Vernon Township.

    Vernon Township is a growing northeast suburb of Indianapolis located in Hancock County. The department is hiring a fire and life safety inspector to be part of our Fire Prevention Division. The salary is $55,800 with health insurance and a retirement plan offered.


    Fire Inspector I & II

    Fire Plans Examiner

    Fire Investigator


    Public Educator I & II

    Fire Officer I & II


    Send resume to :

    Subject: Fire & Life Safety Inspector

    Deadline to Apply: August 27, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.

    Hiring Notice.pdf

  • Tuesday, May 18, 2021 09:52 | Ronald Lipps (Administrator)

    Weekends July 10-August 8. 

    CLICK HERE to open the flyer for more information. 

  • Monday, May 03, 2021 15:21 | Ronald Lipps (Administrator)

    Employment Opportunity with the City of Shelbyville

    Department: Fire Department

    Position: Full-time Fire Inspector

    Hours/Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Pay Rate: $19.95 an hour/ $41,497.00 Annually

    Deadline for Resume/Application: May 5, 2021 4:00 pm

    You may submit Resumes or Applications to or

    Come to City Hall to get a paper copy.

    (Applications can be obtained at under the Human Resources tab)

    Benefits Included: Health, Dental and Vision Insurance, Free Health Clinic, Life

    and Long Term Disability Insurance, Short Term Disability Insurance, Paid Holidays,

    Paid Vacation, Sick and Personal Days, Employee Assistance Program, Bereavement

    Leave, Retirement Plan, and Free access to fitness center.




    Fire Inspector


    8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., M - F

    PAT (Professional, Administrative, Technological)

    DATE WRITTEN: October 2006

    DATE REVIEWED: October 2016

    STATUS: Full-time

    FLSA STATUS: Non-exempt

    To perform this position successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed in this document are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. The City of Shelbyville provides reasonable accommodation to qualified employees and applicants with known disabilities

    who require accommodation to complete the application process or perform essential functions of the job, unless the accommodation would cause an undue hardship.

    Incumbent serves as Fire Inspector for the City of Shelbyville Fire Department, responsible for inspecting structures for compliance with state and local fire prevention codes.


    Enforces state and local fire prevention codes, including reviewing new non-residential construction and remodeling plans, inspecting new non-residential structures (and residential structures as requested), inspecting existing non-residential structures annually, researching and interpreting codes, and maintaining related records. Meets and/or communicates with property owners regarding compliance problems, periodically initiating appropriate legal action for non-compliance.

    Responds to emergencies as needed, including inspecting for fire code violations and taking photographs.

    Conducts inspections of buildings for potential fire hazards and/or proper fire extinguishing equipment, notifies appropriate individuals of corrective action to be taken, and maintains all records and documents pertaining to inspections.

    Conducts regular fire exit drills in city schools, including assessing effectiveness and preparing/ providing written reports of findings and recommendations for improvement.

    Performs a variety of public education programs, including giving speeches and presentations on fire prevention and safety, conducting tours, and making radio appearances.

    Performs various administrative duties, including answering telephone, typing/preparing correspondence, inspection and other reports, and entering data on computer.

    Maintains current knowledge of local, state and federal fire codes by reading professional publications and periodically attending seminars, as required or as needed.

    Occasionally testifies in legal proceedings/court as necessary.

    May be required to respond to emergencies on an occasional basis.

    Performs related duties as assigned.


    High school diploma or GED, minimum certification by state of Indiana as Inspector I within time period specified by department, and ability to successfully complete other training programs as required.

    Ability to meet all department hiring and retention guidelines, including passage of medical and psychological examinations, a written test and a drug screen. Must not pose a direct threat to the health and safety of other individuals in the workplace.

    Thorough knowledge of and ability to research and enforce local, state and federal fire prevention codes, including Uniform Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes.

    Working knowledge oflocal building codes and materials, and fire prevention methods, and ability to recognize existing and potential fire hazards in a wide variety of structures and related installations.

    Working knowledge of geographical areas, street names and landmarks within designated fire district, and ability to read and interpret related maps.

    Working knowledge of radio frequencies, codes, procedures and limitations, and ability to speak clearly and distinctly, and hear and be heard and understood in person, by radio, and by telephone.

    Working knowledge of standard English grammar, spelling and punctuation, and ability to prepare written reports within departmental deadlines and prepare and conduct public presentations as requested.

    Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing with department superiors and co-workers, other City/County departments, law enforcement agencies, property owners, and the public, including being sensitive to professional ethics, gender, cultural diversities and disabilities.

    Ability to provide public access to or maintain confidentiality of department information and records according to state requirements.

    Ability to comply with all department policies and work rules, including, but not limited to, attendance, safety, drug-free workplace, and personal conduct.

    Ability to competently serve the public with diplomacy and respect, including occasional encounters with irate/hostile persons.

    Ability to understand, memorize, retain, and carry out verbal or written instructions.

    Ability to compare or observe similarities and differences between data, people or things.

    Ability to analyze, evaluate and investigate data, make determinations, and present findings in oral or written form.

    Ability to work with others in a team environment, often under time pressure and amidst frequent distractions and interruptions, and on several tasks at the same time.

    Ability to apply knowledge of people and locations, plan/layout work assignments, and perform arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately.

    Ability to testify in legal proceedings/court as necessary.

    Ability to work extended, irregular, evening and weekend hours and occasionally travel out of town for training, sometimes overnight.

    Ability to respond to emergencies on an occasional basis.

    Possession of a valid Indiana driver's license and demonstrated safe driving record.


    Incumbent performs a variety of moderately complex, relatively standardized duties according to standard operating procedures and fire prevention codes, making independent decisions and taking authoritative action in response to situational demands. Incumbent's work is periodically reviewed upon completion of specific duties for appropriate service to the public. Errors in code enforcement decisions may not be immediately apparent through supervisory review and could result in inconvenience to property owners and/or endangerment to others.


    Incumbent maintains frequent communication with department superiors and co-workers, other City/County departments, law enforcement agencies, property owners, and the public for purposes of exchanging information and explaining/interpreting fire prevention codes .

    Incumbent reports directly to Deputy Chief and/or Officer in charge of emergency scene. Supervision follows clearly defined chain of command to Fire Chief.


    Incumbent performs duties in a fire station office environment, at structures throughout the city, and at emergency scenes, involving standing/walking for long periods, pushing/pulling objects, climbing ladders/stairs, reaching, bending, crouching/kneeling, close/far vision, color/depth perception, hearing sounds/communication, speaking clearly and handling/grasping/fingering objects. Incumbent is exposed to hazardous conditions normally associated with inspecting fire scenes, including smoke, toxic chemicals, noxious gases/fumes, heat, heights, varying weather conditions, violent/distraught individuals and communicable diseases. Universal health/safety precautions must be followed at all times to avoid contamination, infection and/or injury to self and others.

    Incumbent works extended, in-egular, evening and/or weekend hours and occasionally travels out of town for training, sometimes overnight. Incumbent may be required to respond to emergencies on an occasional basis.

  • Sunday, February 07, 2021 19:05 | Anonymous

    The FIAI continues to monitor potential legislative processes that would affect how we do our jobs. A complete list of bills is available online at:

    The following bills are of particular interest:

    • HB 1270: Department of homeland security. Amends the administrative orders and procedures act to allow for an initial notice of determination to be served by electronic mail or any other method approved by the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure. (Under current law, the initial notice of determination may be served only by United States mail or personal service.) Repeals provisions concerning the division of planning and assessment, division of preparedness and training, division of emergency response and recovery, and division of fire and building safety (divisions). Assigns all duties of the divisions to the executive director of the department of homeland security (department) or the department generally. Establishes a fire chief executive training program (executive training program). Provides that after January 1, 2022, a newly appointed fire chief of a political subdivision must successfully complete the executive training program within one year of appointment. Makes corresponding changes and technical corrections.
    • HB 1322: Building and fire safety codes. Requires the fire prevention and building safety commission to adopt, by rule, and maintain: (1) the International Plumbing Code of the International Code Council; (2) the International Building Code of the International Code Council; (3) the International Mechanical Code of the International Code Council; (4) the International Fuel Gas Code of the International Code Council; (5) the International Fire Code of the International Code Council; (6) the International Energy Conservation Code of the International Code Council; (7) NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code of the National Fire Protection Association; and (8) NFPA 72, the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code of the National Fire Protection Association.
    • HB 1476: Reorganization of municipality and township. Allows a municipality in a county (excluding Marion County) to reorganize with a township that has at least 70% of its population within the municipality, if: (1) the municipality adopts a reorganization plan; and (2) more than 50% of the sum of all voters in the municipality and the unincorporated area of the township approve the reorganization plan. Allows the reorganized political subdivision to provide township assistance within the former boundaries of the reorganizing township by contracting with nonprofit organizations.
    • HB 1114: Residential building design elements. Prohibits a municipality from regulating design elements of residential structures. Specifies certain exclusions from this prohibition. Provides that any rule, ordinance, or other regulation that conflicts with the prohibition is void. Provides that a person aggrieved by a violation of the bill's provisions may file, in a court having jurisdiction, a petition to obtain an injunction against the violation.
    • HB 1116: Piping materials for public works projects. Defines "acceptable piping material" as piping material that: (1) meets certain recognized standards; and (2) meets the performance specifications for the public works contract. Provides, for purposes of the law on public works projects of state agencies and political subdivisions, including design-build public works projects, that the specifications or design criteria package must allow bidding in open competition for acquisition of acceptable piping materials for use in the public works project. Provides, however, that a public works project's engineer is not limited in selecting any acceptable piping materials that meet the requirements of the public works project.
    • SB 226: Fire marshals and fire investigators. Provides that a person employed as a fire marshal or fire investigator by a political subdivision is: (1) recognized as an Indiana first responder; (2) eligible for a line of duty death benefit from the state special death benefit fund; and (3) for purposes of disability benefit eligibility in the 1977 fund and 1937 fund, presumed to have incurred a disability in the line of duty if diagnosed with a disease related to exposure to a known carcinogen or an adverse substance or condition.
    • HB 1033: Residency of police officers and firefighters. Removes the requirement that an individual residing in a county that is noncontiguous to a county in which a city is located live not more than 50 miles from a boundary of the city to be a member of that city's police or fire department.

    • HB 1065: Fire protection territories. Provides that the procedure for adopting an ordinance or resolution to establish a fire protection territory (territory) applies to expanding an existing territory. Provides that an ordinance or resolution establishing or expanding a territory must include an agreement as to the disposition of the territory's property when a participating unit withdraws or the territory is dissolved. Specifies that with regard to an ordinance or resolution to establish or expand a territory, the unit must hold three separate public hearings to hear public comment regarding the proposed territory before adoption of the ordinance or resolution, with the last public hearing held not later than 10 days before the ordinance or resolution is adopted. Establishes residency requirements for members of a joint executive board of a territory.

    • HB 1106: Fire and emergency medical service levy. Authorizes the board of fire trustees (board) of a fire protection district (district) that consists of territory located in west Porter Township in Porter County to adopt a resolution providing that, in addition to any other powers and duties, the district shall establish, operate, and maintain emergency medical services within the territory of the fire protection district. Provides a procedure for the board to obtain an increase of the district's maximum permissible ad valorem property tax levy for fire and emergency medical services if the board adopts such a resolution.

    • HB 1145: Local regulation of fireworks. Changes: (1) the dates on which a county or municipal ordinance may limit or prohibit the use of fireworks in the county or municipality; and (2) the types of fireworks to which such an ordinance may apply.

    • HB 1161: Regulation of fireworks. Authorizes a county, city, or town to adopt an ordinance limiting or prohibiting the use of certain types of fireworks within the jurisdiction of the county, city, or town, with certain restrictions. Establishes dates on which a county, city, or town ordinance may not limit or prohibit the use of certain types of fireworks in the county, city, or town.

    • HB 1320: Fireworks excise tax. Establishes the COVID-19 fireworks public safety fee fund for the purpose of assisting certain public safety and medical personnel who have encountered direct hardship due to COVID-19. Raises the public safety fee on the retail sales of fireworks from 5% to 10%. Provides that 50% of the public safety fee is to be deposited in the state general fund and 50% of the public safety fee is to be deposited in the COVID-19 fireworks public safety fee fund.

  • Monday, December 14, 2020 09:41 | FIAI Secretary (Administrator)

    FEMA has published a study on how building codes contribute to reduced losses during disasters, etc.. 

    You can see the report by clicking on this link.

  • Friday, May 15, 2020 14:18 | FIAI Secretary (Administrator)

    From Ron Ritchey at the NFSA: 

    I'm writing to spread the word about a new database for local fire protection requirements ( The  National Fire Sprinkler Association is supporting this initiative being conducted by  Meyer Fire  and the Building Code Blog , who are the co-founders of Code Call, to collect detailed local requirements for the design of Automatic Fire Sprinkler/Standpipe Systems and then share this information in a free public database for designers, contractors, and code officials to improve the overall construction design build process. 

    The State of Indiana has been selected for this “beta test” based upon our geography which contains a mixture of diverse urban, suburban, and rural population.

    I am hoping you will take a couple of minutes and answer the brief survey here:

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping collect this information. If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at . You can also contact the founders of the Code Calls project, Joe Meyer ( and/or Chris Campbell (

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